Code of conduct

To ensure safe access for all, we have set up a code of conduct. Compliance with this code of conduct is mandatory. If this code is not respected, we reserve the right to limit or prohibit access to our services, temporarily or permanently.

If you see someone not respecting this code of conduct, you can report them via the application or via the address:

1 - It is obviously forbidden to use unauthorized software.

2 - show calm and maturity, during cocam' server sessions it is forbidden to insult

3 - DO NOT SPAM!!!!!
Any form of spam (in chat or API spam) can lead to temporary or permanent ban.

4 - Sharing cheats is totally forbidden

5 - Don't spam us if you deserve your ban.

6 - simply comply with the law.

7 - in case of a voice invitation with a moderator do not exclude the moderator (because this will occupy the moderating team for nothing).

REMINDER: you can create private voice sessions

8 - No mic spam or sounds that could cause hearing loss.

9 - according to your platform, respect its code of conduct! (Bridged servers only)

10 - The posting of nudity or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. (this can range from deleting content to banning the account).

On Element, it remains authorized in NSFW classified channels.

11 - Posting of misleading content is strictly prohibited.

12 - Do not report for any reason (this can lead from a warning to a permanent suspension of the account).

13 - any dangerous content is prohibited  

14 - any dangerous content is prohibited

15 - It is forbidden to make "fake reports" on the whole Cocam'server.
Any abusive reports will lead to a warning for the first time.
Thereafter the Cocam'server can afford to permanently suspend your account.
Please be aware that we can sue you if it is perceived as a sign of harassment.

16 - Any Copyright content or content that infringes a person (distribution of a video / photo without authorization) is prohibited and may result in the permanent banning of the account and the deletion of the content.

17 - Sending SCAM servers or sending scam servers (including any scams) are banned on the server and are subject to a permanent ban

18 - Please respect each other's privacy settings. If someone has deactivated their private messages, don't nag them to activate them.

19 - Any deliberate leaks concerning an artist (on any platforms including Pixiv FANBOX or Patreon) are intolerable and will result in a permanent ban of the account.

20 - Any incitement to suicide is forbidden and is subject to a permanent ban

21 - Artificial intelligence (AI) images that are realistic (by realistic, we mean that it is difficult to distinguish between AI and the real thing), with no visible defects, and that include lolis are prohibited.